Success Story

"・I would have to hire another person to search for bids if I didn't have Bidmain. I save many hours a week thanks to Bidmain emailing service and I can focus on precisely what I need. I have successfully won more than 8 government contracts that I pursued out of Bidmain daily info emails. I really value this service・"
Scott W. Smith, CEO, MedExperts
Dear Bidmain

I was just about to purchase a service from another on-line procurement information company when I heard about Bidmain.com. I was skeptical at first, however. Unlimited access for a fixed price? How and why would a company do that? But when I logged on to your site, I got almost the exact same bids using the same criteria as I had for the other services.

So what's the difference?

Only $199.95 dollars a year!

You saved me a bundle and I'm telling all my friends!


Ian Sepner, CEO, PA Media
"・What can I say, the experience has been wonderful. Over the years our sales have continued to increase due to the international bids provided by B2GPlace...Now we almost regularly have international projects at least every other month, all of which we learned from B2Gplace daily info mails... "
Rick Kretchmar, Vice President, Binar Corporation
Dear Bidmain

I signed up with Bidmain about 7 months ago and have been using your service since then. It is a user-friendly site to work with and I am very pleased to give your service a try. Thank you and I look forward to a long working relationship.

Tony Walsh, Director of Special Projects
"・Frankly, subscribing to Bidmain allows me to save time looking for bids and makes sure that we don't miss anything. Bidmain provides us with government contract opportunities that we would not normally know about. We save time and money by receiving Bidmain daily emails and have pursued a number of projects that we learned about from it. Our largest project this year came to our attention from Bidmain service・"
Darryl Mints, CFO, Bowton and Associates
"・My first bidding didn't go that well. There were too many vendors trying to get on at the same time, and there just wasn't enough time for us to prepare for a 'winning' proposal. But here's the good part. I called Bidmain and talked to the staff. They were very helpful, and introduced me an affiliated proposal writing service, which turned out to be excellent. So, here's the exciting part - at this point we have two projects going on - one in China and the other in Turkey. Now we are planning to set up a branch in Asia and now we introduce BBL a multi-national company. Now we do not hesitate to say that we absolutely owe our success to B2GPlace, an amazing bid report service I ever used・"
Jack Bare, CEO, BBL Construction Company
"・I have been very happy with our Bidmain service. The Bid Alerts always have been appropriate and immediate! Although we knew of most of the bids in our immediate area, we were very unfamiliar with the bids in other parts of the country. The Bidmain service has helped us build a national database to keep track of the industry happenings throughout the country, rather than just our region. We have also been able to win a few bids of which we had no prior knowledge. I would highly recommend their services to anyone・."
Michael Foster, Sales Manager, Verison
"・My company has used B2GPlace since the beginning of the service and have found it to be an integral part of our business. The scope of service is broad and allows us to immediately react to plenty of government contract opportunities. I would highly recommend B2GPlace to anyone who are interested in doing business with governments・"
Bob Stenson, COO, Hudson Valley Uniform
"・B2GPlace has been a tremendous resource for us. We have been awarded numerous contracts as a direct result of their services. I evaluate B2GPlace service highly especially because of its real-time bid updates and excellent search engine system with its lower price than any service of this kind that I've ever used before・"
Harry Moore, Jr., Project Manager, FairMarket, Inc.

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